The Applications of a Power Grip Clutches

There are numerous applications for industrial brakes and clutches, and the global market for these items are projected to hit $1.7 billion over the next decade alone. Particular components, such as Power Grip and Power Grip PO Clutches, can be extremely beneficial in the operation of heavy machinery in oil & gas extraction, iron and steel products, mining and other industrial production.

Power Grip Industrial clutches

Typically, Power Grip Clutches are the primary solution for applications with a large inertia load. These types of industrial clutches are utilized on marine propulsion, rock crushers, grinding mills, press brakes, shears, drilling and service rigs along with various other applications. Most of these operations have demanding challenges including high torque capacities and must handle large inertia loads, which can put relentless stress on parts and components. In environments like this, the Power Grip Clutches prove themselves reliable over and over. The engineering and technology performance of these clutches also allows for low maintenance cost because of it’s simple operation design.

Another product in this line is the Power Grip High Speed clutch which mounts to internal combustion engines. They are installed by means of the drive ring mated on a standard SAE flywheel. The heavy-duty gear teeth friction discs are tough enough to hold up against the heavy shock loads that are so frequently associated with diesel engines.

Not all industrial brake and clutch manufacturing companies have the commitment and willingness to deliver the dependable quality found in the Power Grip clutches. If you’re in need of smooth controlled starts actuated pneumatically or hydraulically and quick engagement and disengagement, it’s important to find the right company. This ensures that your machinery works properly, resources are streamlined, and employees remain safe on the job site. With the right industrial clutch, you can do all of those things and more.