Type 2 PTO for Road Building

Hydraulic PTO

Some of the toughest applications for clutches in the industrial world can be found in and around the roadbuilding industry. From extreme temperatures, to environments where heavy shock and vibration are the norm, road building equipment performs under the harshest of circumstances. WPT PTOs, clutches and brakes are no strangers to the roadbuilding industry, and we’re steeped in providing power transmission products that hold up to the toughest environments that the off-road industry can dish out.

One example of our pedigree in the roadbuilding arena is our hydraulically actuated Type 2 PTO. These rugged products are built on a Pilotless™ platform and house our trusted Power Grip clutch pack. Utilizing a rifle-drilled shaft with a roto-coupler, these PTOs are engaged hydraulically or pneumatically through the shaft and provide unmatched performance. Rated for input horsepower of up to 1200hp, the Type 2 family of PTOs can accommodate SAE housings ranging from #3 up to #0, and flywheel sizes ranging from 11” to 18”. Also, any of the above-mentioned clutches can be coupled with WPT’s Through-Power Pump Drives to provide auxiliary mounting for hydraulic pumps, air compressors, or generators.

Whether it be a cold planer, milling machine, paver, or a stabilizer WPT offers Type 2 PTO that is capable of handling your toughest roadbuilding applications. Contact WPT today for a comprehensive application review and find out why more equipment OEMs are choosing WPT as their PTO of choice for heavy-duty off-road equipment applications. Email us at info@wptpower.com or call us at (940) 761-1971. We’re standing by and waiting to help.