WPT Power provides the ideal solution, OTS + HPU for Australian Vac Truck contractor

Vacuum Truck PTO and clutch control

WPT Power along with our distributor Northstar Power, worked with an Australian Vacuum Truck contractor to develop a fully automated, clutchable PTO (Power Take Off) system. With this custom PTO arrangement the operator can engage and disengage remotely, start the engine, and control the vacuum boom by means of a custom wireless remote. This application […]

Pilotless™ Can Improve Well Production

Pilotless power take-off

A Houston based oil company was building their pumping units utilizing the SP-style power takeoffs (PTO with pilot bearing) mated with natural gas engines. This company often times had to use a countershaft (or jackshaft) in order to get the speed reduction needed and keep within the sideload limitations of the PTO on these units. When […]